The Crow Drinkalong


The same friend that introduced me to h2g2 introduced me to The Crow comics.  When the movie came out, it didn’t play at the one theatre I had within driving distance, but I was able to reserve it from our local rental place and was the first person to rent their copy.  BECAUSE REMEMBER RENTING VIDEOS, GUYS?

Before I was a pedantic asshole about film adaptations, I watched the shit out of this movie.  Like, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen it.  I had this giant poster of Eric (that fucker was at least 6 feet long and it scared the shit out of my little brother) on my wall, and made myself hate the soundtrack cos I listened to it so. many. times.

My dad calls my husband and I Eric and Shelly on our anniversary (Hallowe’en) no matter how many times I tell him that’s probably not appropriate.  So, anyway.  I’m excited about tonight.

Srsly, guys.  Don’t fucking die on me by following every rule.  I will not accept responsibility.

The crow gif


Nightmare Before Christmas Drinkalong


I have a lot of happy memories tied up with this movie.  I watched it over and over with two particular friends when I was in high school, and then when they re-released it in 3d in theatres, I used to take my oldest to see it on Mommy-Son dates.  He and I rode the Haunted Mansion Holiday countless times when we had annual passes to Disneyland and would walk around the park singing Kidnap the Sandy Claws at the top of our lungs.

He’ll prolly be pissed when he finds out I’m watching it tonight without him.  Oops.

If you need help accessing IRC, please make sure to visit the tutorial I posted.  Also, I’ve updated the shit out of the Upcoming Drinkalongs page, so check that out, too.

See you tonight!

lock shock and barrel

Hocus Pocus Drinkalong

So I had all these grand plans to get back into the creating rules graphics groove this week, but life is still kicking my ass.  I WAS STILL GOING TO DO IT, THOUGH.

If any of you spell it "amuck" tonight in chat, I will kick you.  <.<

If any of you spell it “amuck” tonight in chat, I will kick you. <.<

But then I got distracted by a whole bunch of things, and didn’t really feel like it anymore.  It’s okay, though, I promise.

AND THAT’S IT.  If I told you how much I needed this drinkalong, I wouldn’t have time to enjoy it.


hocus pocus

Warlock Drinkalong

Shit, you guys.  I totally forgot I had to even write this post until just now, so I’m totally phoning it in.  I’ve been updating my resume and fucking around on the internet all la di da, not even bothering to come up with rules or anything.


That’s it, no one cares about the rest.  Just show up tonight.  THAT’S ALL, I SWEAR.