Hook Drinkalong


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YAY!  I’m actually really excited about both tonight AND the next several drinkalongs.  Plus, we’re going to be doing Hallowe’en themed stuff in October (I’m thinking The Crow, Hocus Pocus and Nightmare?) so drinkalongs should be awesome squared for some time to come, yeah?

See you all tonight!


7 thoughts on “Hook Drinkalong

  1. Perusing Hook’s IMDB trivia page..

    Julia Roberts was nicknamed “Tinkerhell” because she was difficult to deal with.

    The kissing couple who begin to float when some fairy dust lands on them are actually George Lucas and Carrie Fisher in a cameo.

    David Bowie turned down the role of Captain James Hook.

    Steven Spielberg originally slated this film as a vehicle for Michael Jackson in 1983 after the latter expressed an interest in starring in it and contributing to its soundtrack. Spielberg instead decided to focus on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) and shelved the project until 1989, when pre-production the film began.

    Kevin Kline was originally set to play Peter Pan, but had to drop out of the film because of Soapdish (1991) which was having major re-shoots, re-writes and taking much longer than expected to complete shooting.

    Post-VHS editions of the film no longer include a shot that shows Tinkerbell magicking the crocodile clock tower into brief reanimation. Toward the end of the final battle, Hook pins Peter against the front of the crocodile and attempts to strike him with his hook but is blocked by Tinkerbell, allowing Peter to grab the hook and plunge it into the crocodile. In the original theatrical release, VHS edition, and initial television broadcasts of the film, the next shot shows the full crocodile, and Tinkerbell can be seen flying in rapid circles around its head as the framework of the tower begins to fall to the ground. After the crocodile’s head begins to move of its own accord, Tinkerbell flies out of sight. In the DVD, blu-ray, and streaming editions of the film, Tinkerbell is not shown on-screen between the time she blocks Hook’s hook mid-strike and the point at which Peter breaks away from the celebration of Hook’s death to approach Tinkerbell and his children. It is unknown whether the removal of the shot showing Tinkerbell circling the crocodile from post-VHS editions was intentional.

    You too can waste 15 minutes of your life:


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