The Birdcage Drinkalong

birdcage gif exciting

Okay, so…confession time.

If I’m just watching a movie without doing a drinkalong (even if I’m watching it with other people), nine times out of ten I will fall asleep once it gets past the 90 minute mark.

On more than one occasion I have fallen asleep in movie theatres.  I’ve STILL never made it all the way through Return of the King (yes, even though we did the drinkalong for it, I had a sick kid in the middle of that one, so I missed a good 20 minutes of it), and I’ve accepted the fact that I hate that movie (and the fucked up ending) just enough to ensure that I never will.

Which is to say…I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this movie all the way through.

I know I’ve started it several times.

I know that I’ve seen the end.

But I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched a good portion of the middle of it, so I can’t even begin to come up with drinking game rules.

At first I was all broken up about it, but then I remembered that this happened last week:

drinkalong transcript

And I didn’t feel bad anymore.



So just drink, who cares?

If you need help getting into IRC, you’re in luck, cos I did this shitty awesome tutorial to help you.



Mrs Doubtfire Drinkalong

run by fruiting

It’s probably been at least 15 years since I last watched this movie, so I can’t even come up with any decent rules.  Maybe every time Daniel is a dick to Stu?  Or switches to his Mrs Doubtfire persona?  Idk.  Just show up, okay?

I’ll be starting the movie on time, but will have to step away for a bit shortly after it starts.  My oldest turned 15 yesterday and one of his presents is to watch and mock tonight’s SyFy Original with my dad, so I’ll be making sure he gets to bed and whatnot, but then I’ll return.

See you tonight!


Aladdin Drinkalong

aladdin gif

Ugh, you guys.  I’m so tired, I’ve been zoned out in front of this draft for 20 minutes.  Much like the above gif.

Since I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m totally just going to do the bare minimum necessary for this post.

No rules.  I guess you could just drink whenever someone starts singing, or Genie does an impression, but then you’d probably die.  So.

genie gif