Harold and Maude Drinkalong

harold WHAT gif

Okay, so…real talk, guys.

I saw this movie for the first time when I was twelve years old.  My mom and step-dad decided we’d spend my Christmas break plus a few days driving from our home in Montana down to San Diego to visit family and friends and we spent a few days with some biker friends of theirs.  By the time we got to San Diego, I’d already read all of the books I had brought with me and was on the verge of life-annihilating boredom.  Luckily, the friends had a son that was only a few years older than me and he took pity on me, gave me some books and we watched a lot of movies together.

The above gif was his reaction when he asked me if I’d seen this movie and my answer was no.

So he grabbed their VHS copy of it, put it in and I spent the next 90+ minutes alternating between laughing and crying.  Sometimes both at once.  When it was over, I asked if we could watch it again.

So we did.

And when we left, he ran out to the car and pressed into my hands a copy he’d made of the movie so I could take it with me.

I watched that VHS dub until it couldn’t be watched any more.  At least twice a year, usually more often than that.

To this day, it’s a movie I like to put in when I’m in a funk because it giaves me ALL THE FEELS when my brain wants to tell me I can’t feel anything but sad.

That’s why we’re watching it today.

Without a doubt, this is my All Time Favourite Movie.  No other movie will ever come close.

Because of that, I’ve decided to forego any sort of rules.  I know a lot of you have never seen it before, and I don’t want you to be waiting for some random moment to happen so you can drink, I want you to just sit back and revel in the glory that is this film.

If for some reason you hate it, please don’t tell me.  I’m too emotionally fragile right now.


I hope you love it like I do.  And if you don’t…just keep that to yourself.

harold dancing gif



8 thoughts on “Harold and Maude Drinkalong

  1. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, too. So even if everybody else hates it, I will be right there with you. I think my rule is gonna be “drink every time there is a completely priceless facial expression that lasts less than 1.5 seconds.” Fair warning: I might die.

  2. I remember seeing this movie, only once, when I was, like, maybe 14 or so? (Now I’m 43) I remember loving it then, being baffled both at the movie and at the fact that I loved it. Culty films were not my thing then. Can’t wait to see it. Wish me “write two more pages in your book proposal sample” luck between now and 10:45!!!

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