Singles Drinkalong

We all have those movies that we will stop to watch every time they’re on, even if we own them and have seen them eleventy billion times.  Singles is one of those movies for me.

chris cornell gif

When I was trying to find a background image for the rules for tonight, I decided to just screencap my copy.  As I was skipping around, I realized that I STILL have this entire movie memorized.  Be glad you’re not sitting next to me on the couch while we watch this, cos you’d want to punch me.

  • Countdown Timer
  • We’re doing IRC again, if you need help, hit me up in the comments or email dodisharkicorn at gmail.
  • Rules
    Singles drinkalong

MAYBE just pick a few of the rules and Chose Your Own Drinkalong cos I don’t want to be responsible for any visits to the hospital.

BUT, bonus:  Finish your drink for Doug Hughley, yeah?

doug hughley


See you all at the Same BatTime as usual! (9:45 CDT/10:45 EDT)


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