Fast Times at Ridgemont High Drinkalong

spicoli van


ALL RIGHTY, YOU GUYS!  We’re trying something new this week.  Instead of using twitter with a hashtag for our drinkalong, we’re gonna be kicking it old skool in IRC.

Never used IRC?  Just ask for help!  I’ve now walked several people through setting it up on their laptops/iOS and Android devices.  No big.  This means we can chat in real time and not wait for twitter to update.  Plus, there’s a nostalgia bonus.

Fast Times Drinkalong

Depending on how this goes tomorrow, we may make this the new standard.  Or we might just go back to twitter next week, who knows?  NOT ME, EVEN THOUGH I’M THE ONE PLANNING THIS SHIT!

See you all at the usual time, 9:45CDT/10:5EDT!


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