Singles Drinkalong

We all have those movies that we will stop to watch every time they’re on, even if we own them and have seen them eleventy billion times.  Singles is one of those movies for me.

chris cornell gif

When I was trying to find a background image for the rules for tonight, I decided to just screencap my copy.  As I was skipping around, I realized that I STILL have this entire movie memorized.  Be glad you’re not sitting next to me on the couch while we watch this, cos you’d want to punch me.

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  • We’re doing IRC again, if you need help, hit me up in the comments or email dodisharkicorn at gmail.
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    Singles drinkalong

MAYBE just pick a few of the rules and Chose Your Own Drinkalong cos I don’t want to be responsible for any visits to the hospital.

BUT, bonus:  Finish your drink for Doug Hughley, yeah?

doug hughley


See you all at the Same BatTime as usual! (9:45 CDT/10:45 EDT)


Fast Times at Ridgemont High Drinkalong

spicoli van


ALL RIGHTY, YOU GUYS!  We’re trying something new this week.  Instead of using twitter with a hashtag for our drinkalong, we’re gonna be kicking it old skool in IRC.

Never used IRC?  Just ask for help!  I’ve now walked several people through setting it up on their laptops/iOS and Android devices.  No big.  This means we can chat in real time and not wait for twitter to update.  Plus, there’s a nostalgia bonus.

Fast Times Drinkalong

Depending on how this goes tomorrow, we may make this the new standard.  Or we might just go back to twitter next week, who knows?  NOT ME, EVEN THOUGH I’M THE ONE PLANNING THIS SHIT!

See you all at the usual time, 9:45CDT/10:5EDT!

Fantastic Mr Fox Drinkalong (#RyeWit Part IV)

It’s our last Wes Anderson drinkalong!  I’m a little sad, but Heather and I are making plans to watch more of his stuff together (WITHOUT YOU GUYS, SORRY!) and since the whole reason we did #RyeWit in the first place was to get her to finally see one of his films, I’m counting the last several drinkalongs as success stories.

Mr Fox Juice

  •  Countdown Timer
  • #RyeWit on twitter
  • I’m not entirely sure how well Bingo will work out this week, but let’s try it anyway?  If you’re at all like me, you just start drinking whenever after the first 10 minutes, anyway.

Next week we’ll be watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which is pretty much the movie where young me decided to crush on Eric Stoltz forever and ever.

See you tonight at 9:45c/10:45e!

Mr Fox illegal

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Drinkalong (#RyeWit part III)

This post almost didn’t get written.


This week has been weird and I keep forgetting what day it is.  So you’re lucky I remembered that there’s a drinkalong today at all.

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  • #RyeWit
  • Slate’s Wes Anderson Bingo Boards seem to be working again (click), but if you need one, just let me know a number between 1-25 in the comments and I’ll send you one of them I’ve saved.

See you tonight at 9:45c/10:45e!

Steve Zissou