The Big Lebowski (Birthday!) Drinkalong #BourbonAchievers

lebowski dance


IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAY!  And because it’s my birthday, we’re doing a weeknight drinkalong.  I know not everyone will be able to make it (it is a Monday, after all) but hopefully some of you can.


See those of you that can make it tonight at 9:45CDT/10:45EDT, and the rest of you Saturday night for the continuation of #RyeWit.


8 thoughts on “The Big Lebowski (Birthday!) Drinkalong #BourbonAchievers

    • WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! It’s one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES. It’s very sweary, though, so…maybe not ENTIRELY your cuppa. But it is HILARIOUS.

  1. So guess who randomly got tomorrow off from work (by working today)? That would be me. And guess who loves this movie so much that she paid 40 frigging dollars for a shirt for her son that says “The Dude”? Also me. So I might join in…

    And now you have my permission not to like me anymore after the above comment. It crosses the line into obnoxiousness. But hey, at least I didn’t point with my thumb and say “This girl!”.

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