The Royal Tenenbaums Drinkalong (#RyeWit Part II)

royal tenenbaums gif


Capattack totally necessary.  I heart this movie so much, it’s almost disgusting.

  • Countdown Timer
  • #RyeWit
  • SADLY the Slate page with the bingo cards is 404, but luckily there are a ton available via Google Image Search.  So, um…pick one of these and print it out, yeah? (Also, Herc Dropboxed OVER TWO DOZEN so if they disappear somehow, we still have options)



The Big Lebowski (Birthday!) Drinkalong #BourbonAchievers

lebowski dance


IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAY!  And because it’s my birthday, we’re doing a weeknight drinkalong.  I know not everyone will be able to make it (it is a Monday, after all) but hopefully some of you can.


See those of you that can make it tonight at 9:45CDT/10:45EDT, and the rest of you Saturday night for the continuation of #RyeWit.

Rushmore Drinkalong (#RyeWit)



YAY, WES ANDERSON DRINKALONGFEST!  Or something.  Idk, I never did manage to come up with a good name.  I didn’t even come up with the hashtag we’re using for the next 4 weekends (thank my friend @SpecWill for that one, cos it’s kind of genius).  It’s not like I’ve been doing nothing…except that’s exactly what it’s like.

  • Countdown Timer
  • #RyeWit
  • Doing something different w/r/t RULES this time.  I was planning on just creating a Wes Anderson drinking game and updating the rules on a background that matched the movie, but THEN I FOUND THIS.  Herc suggested we sip for each spot and finish our drinks upon the completion of a row, which I like cos it sounds pretty hardcore.  The beauty of this Bingo Card is severalfold.
  1. It’ll be different for everyone, every time.
  2. You might stay sober, you might end up dead.  TOTALLY RANDOM!
  3. I don’t have to fuck around with making graphics cos (lessbehonest) I’m terrible at it, and they usually suck.
  4. We get to use the same thing for a month, which means I can either get ahead on future drinkalongs OR just be totally lazy.

I was telling my husband about the Bingo idea last night, and we had the following conversation.

Him:  But if it’s Bingo, what do you win?

Me:  Getting drunk.

Him:  But what happens if you fill up a row in the first five minutes?

Me:  Then you get drunk super fast?  Idk.

Him:  You should call it “Blotto” instead, cos that sounds ridiculous.  FROM BINGO TO BLOTTO IN FIVE MINUTES!

So…I’m looking forward to testing my phone’s autocorrect capabilities tonight, I hope you’ll all print out your own Blotto Bingo cards and join me at 9:45CDT/10:45EDT.



Con Air Drinkalong #CognacAir

At long last, the much antcipated return of the drinkalong!  Or something, idk.  I assume people have been waiting for it to come back, but I’m not you so I really have no way of knowing, now do I?

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, thank you all for joining me here in your new home for drinkalongs.  Click on that tab up there that says Upcoming Drinkalongs so you know what the schedule is, it’s currently all  mapped out into August!

con air gif

  • Countdown Timer (movie starts [as always] at 9:45CDT/10:45EDT)
  • #CognacAir
  • Now, as far as rules go…I don’t have this particular movie memorized.  I turned to my good buddy Herc for help, but before we could even come up with anything, I found this.  To which Herc replied something like “Yes, yes, y’all” but in his posh British accent.  Cos that’s how he rolls.  What was I talking about again?

Anyway, hope to see you all there tonight.  You don’t have to follow, but @dodisharkicorn has taken over hosting duties, so be on the lookout for those tweets…or he might just decide to wear your head as a hat through three states.  Just sayin’.