Be Excellent and Don’t Die Birthday Drinkalong

I know, I should have done this sooner, but I only just last night realized that the last time we watched this, there were no rules.  Which, we have to have rules for Ceridwen’s birthday drinkalong, right?  Right.  Dude.

So here are the rules that will definitely make you die if you follow them all, so please don’t.  Because I kind of like most of you and that would be most heinous.  Also, my husband says there’s only one bottle of wine for this, so I have to conserve if I’m going to make it through.

Happy birthday, Ceridwen!  ❤


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Social Distancing CATS Drinkalong

Hi, hello, it has been just AGES, hasn’t it? I’ve been thinking about starting drinkalongs back up for a while, but I guess it took a fucking pandemic to kick my ass into gear. I can’t promise we’ll ever be back to a regular schedule, but we sure as shit can drink our troubles away for a night. Apparently this movie was MADE for the drinkalong experience; that’s what Will says, and I try my hardest not to argue with Will.

I’m hoping everyone remembers how to get into IRC. The instructions page is still up there [gestures at the menu bar], and even though you may need to find a new app for your device (AndroIRC seems to work well enough for Android phones) you should be able to figure it out. If you need help, let me know beforehand so we’re not struggling to get everyone in seconds before we push play. 😒


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